Introduction: Hello, World!

Hello, world!

My name is Elli, and I’ll be your friendly neighborhood blogger.

A little about me: I’m a 25-year-old woman in the biotech industry. I’m a California girl, born and raised, and consequently really, really bad at weather that differentiates at all from balmy and around 70F. I have Bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences and chemistry.

I’m pretty nerdy. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and comic books. Especially Batman. And I’m pretty girly. I totally have a Pinterest, love baking, and love doing crazy nail art. And these things are not mutually exclusive, despite what 80s teen movies taught us. And the latter love of girly things does not exclude one from being a STEM woman.

This blog exists because I love science and happen to be a woman. Not too long ago, those facts would have been mutually exclusive. But even though they’re not anymore, the world is still getting used to that. In the last few weeks especially, women in STEM fields have been making the news for … being in STEM fields at all. STEM disciplines are dominated by men, and consequently, we get news items like:

So yeah. All this just … BLAH. I’ve always known that it’s hard being a woman in STEM, but these last couple weeks have been riDONKulous.

Thus, the birth of this blog. Because all my best ideas come from contemplative meditations while in the shower.

It’s hard out there, being a woman in STEM. Because depending on your industry, you might be one woman among dozens of dudes. You might not have any prominent women to look up to in your career. You might have to deal with legions upon legions of brogrammers. Your industry or company might not really know what to do with you, either.

But! You’re not alone.

After graduation, I found that there weren’t actually a lot of resources about these things. I’m going to try to make this your survival guide to a STEM career and being a grown-up in a STEM industry. So we’ll talk close-toed shoes and lab appropriate fashion (?!?!), interview clothes, resume templates, salary negotiations, and investment decisions. We’ll also talk about what’s happening today or yesterday in the news, and what’s affecting women in STEM in general and as a whole.

Welcome to STEM and Femme!  Let’s get rolling.

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