I’m Elli, your friendly neighborhood blogger, and this is my blog. Hiya!

There’s this idea that you can’t be both nerdy and girly at the same time. That smart girls aren’t interested in things like clothes and make-up and shoes, or that stylish girls aren’t interested in math and science. That their brains are just wired differently. We can blame 80s movies for that, and even though we all know that’s not true, it’s hard to get around the stereotypes.

As the tagline says, I’m rather nerdy and also rather girly. So, this blog will chronicle both of those supposedly antithetical things.

This is a sort of catch-all blog about my day-to-day. There’ll be some style posts with clothing and outfits appropriate for lab duty, and some general tips on smart casual style as it applies to women in STEM. But I don’t want this to be purely a style blog (because there’s a lot out there) so there’ll be news about women in STEM and random musings about the industry or trends as well.

For more on why I started this blog, check out my very first post here.


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